• Fintech helps, but there are still about 1 billion financially excluded in Asia.

    Fintech has Lowered Asia's Financially Excluded

    Due to innovations in financial technology and changes in the enabling environment, the number of financially excluded adults across Asia and the Pacific has dropped to about 1 billion.

    Increased access to affordable financial services can be a lever for Asians to smooth consumption, manage risk and improve their lives through better savings options, access to credit, and cheaper payments or remittances.

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  • Some EU banks have derivative exposures that are a multiple of GDP.

    Are Some EU Banks 'Too Big to Save'?

    Early in the financial crisis, the US forced all large banks to take an infusion of capital.  This helped put a floor under the US financial system.  Regulators and stakeholders encouraged US banks to address the significant nonperforming loan problem. 

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  • Australian PM Turnbull called out a few bad bank eggs for their ethics.

    Aussie PM Turnbull Takes a Swipe at a Bank Luncheon

    Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has given Australia’s banks a bollocking for unethical behaviour, suggesting they have not repaid the support they received during the global financial crisis.

    Speaking at Westpac’s 199th birthday lunch - a day after the Australian Securities and Investment Commission launched legal action against the bank for allegedly manipulating the bank bill swap rate (BBSW) - Turnbull said many Australians were asking whether banks had lived up “to the standards we expect”.

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  • Barclays exposes a company weakness by pulling out of Africa.

    Barclays Pulls the Ripcord in Africa

    Barclays has announced it is to withdraw from Africa. It will gradually reduce its 62% stake in Barclays Africa Group over the next two to three years – and, naturally, this raises questions about the prospects for banking in Africa, where Barclays has had a presence since 1925.

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  • HSBC stays in the UK and that's good for Britain.

    Should I Stay or Should I Go?

    ricochet64 /

    HSBC’s decision to keep its headquarters in London is good news for the British government. An exit would have been seen as a vote of no confidence by one of the world’s major financial institutions. However, it is even better news for the British economy.

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